miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

                                             Identity  .  Investigation

A.Iñigo iriondo Delgado                                 and                               B.  Ana Paula Solano

What can I find about my classmates?
B- Ana Paula Solano   -    

     .Facebook account - She has some photos of her and private information such us her residential location ,her highschool and her birth date .
     ·Linkedin -  no information abut her is given.

What other see about me on the internet?
           · Google+ account -
             -  with some public photos of me  
             - my followers
             - total number of sites i have ever visited
          ·Personzz (website that finds information about people)
             - information about webseties that i have commented
          · Youtube channel -
             - some videos I have uploaded
What does google know about me?
             The places that i have went to while the ubication was enabled on my phone


              The sites that I have visited